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“RailTel to connect every cable-connected-home. RailWire to deliver Broadband-on-Demand to all such homes"

India’s National Telecom Policy 2012 has the vision Broadband on Demand. RailWire has positioned itself to realize this vision. We will leverage our Telecom infrastructure to enable all citizens and businesses, both in rural & urban areas, to participate in the internet & web economy. RailWire will deliver to homes & offices internet services with unlimited bandwidth, education & healthcare services, entertainment & e-Governance services.

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Sehajdeep Singh Kohli: Fastest to recognize the names of states and neighbouring countries of India.

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Bangalore is well known as a hub for India's information technology sector.

RailTel’s Managed-Service-Partners (MSP) for RailWire

RailTel has begun selecting MSPs countrywide, for every Circle/State. A well thought-out, carefully-planned, and objectively-analyzed selection on the basis of a national RFQ has been undertaken. These MSPs are being tasked with launching & operating RailWire Services on a revenue-shared model. RailWire is a retail broadband initiative of RailTel, a Government of India undertaking. RailWire is all about broadband and application services.

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